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  • With a full offering of visual and machine stress rated products, our Southern Pine is an outstanding choice for framing and treated wood applications. Our Southern Pine mills are sourced by more than seven million acres of company-owned or leased timberland, managed for sustainable sawtimber production. This unique wood fiber, paired with our state-of-the-art manufacturing, lets us deliver the innovative product solutions you demand.

    For mill-direct, truckload or rail car sales inquiries in the U.S. South call 800-321-4319

    Framer Series™ Lumber

    Now you can forget about guesswork and callbacks down the road. Our patented computerized grading system ensures every piece starts straight and stays straight.

    MSR & MEL Lumber

    Where confidence in engineering design values is critical – MSR/MEL lumber is the obvious choice.

    Premium™ Joist Lumber

    Reduce your joist depths or increase your spacings while increasing the performance of your roofs and floors.

    Pro Series™ Lumber

    We pre-cull our lumber to remove bad apples. Pairing this with anti-mold and ant-sapstain protection, Pro Series™ Lumber reduces those piles of unusable lumber in your yard and on the job site.

    3-Face Clear Lumber

    Needing a clear-grade product for high visibility applications? This product is ideally suited for appearance decking and handrails, as well as industrial applications requiring clear fiber. 

    Interested in Weyerhaeuser lumber? Contact us for a quote!

    Product Literature

  • lb-4026 - Lumber Spans Quick Reference Card
  • lb-4021 - Framer Series Lumber
  • lb-4000 - Weyerhaeuser MSR/MEL Lumber
  • lb-4050 - Treater Series Lumber
  • lb-4041 - Pro Series Lumber
  • lb-4009 - Premium Joists
  • lb-4007 - Product Overview: Southern Pine Lumber
  • southern-pine-lumber-sds - Southern Pine Lumber - Mycostat Treated
  • southern-pine-workhorse-sds - Southern Pine Lumber – Workhorse III Treated
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