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    Weyerhaeuser is proud to offer wetland and stream mitigation solutions to meet your compensatory mitigation needs.

    Since 2007, Weyerhaeuser’s wetland and stream mitigation banks and permittee-responsible mitigation projects have helped to provide timely, cost-effective and ecologically significant mitigation solutions for unavoidable impacts to wetlands and streams.

    With over 100 years of experience in the forest industry, Weyerhaeuser has a unique and broadscale knowledge of forests and associated ecosystems. Our work in sustainability has been the backdrop for our efforts in creating successful, long-term mitigation projects.

    As a result, the environment remains in balance

    Our mitigation projects work to help replace the functions of a specific wetland and/or stream habitat affected by your project. Mitigation credits are exchanged, habitats thrive and development progresses in balance with nature. To learn more about our mitigation banks, please select a location from the map below.

    We provide customized mitigation services throughout the United States.

    As the largest private landowner in the country with approximately 11 million acres, we have the land base to design both cost-effective and ecologically meaningful projects designed to meet your specific mitigation needs and timeframe. For large projects, we provide a turn-key mitigation project that can be more economical than purchasing commercial mitigation bank credits.

    Two of our recent full-service mitigation projects were in Louisiana –– a 307-acre bottomland hardwood restoration in Bossier Parish and a 322-acre longleaf pine savannah and slash pine flatwoods restoration in St. Tammany Parish.




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